Ibanez Spot Run 2023: Limited Edition New Finishes!

Published on 12 September 2023

It’s that time again, Ibanez fans! Once a year, the Japanese shred giant unleashes a plethora of limited edition Spot run finishes for existing models in their catalogue, and the 2023 models are available now!

Known as ‘Spot runs’, these groups of instruments are given fresh finishes, unavailable outside of this particular run. Limited in number and bold in nature, we always love to see what Ibanez bring out, and this year is no exception. It seems to be ‘year of the fade’ over at Ibanez, with the number of graduation-style colours on display! Spot runs are fun, and an interesting way to freshen up a familiar range. Some colour combos are sensible, whilst others run toward the ‘extrovert’, but all are related by their scarcity. They cannot be reordered after the Spot run is complete, so you need to act fast if something catches your eye!

The coolest thing about all of this is that Ibanez do not charge extra for these colours: they are simply available as an additional choice, which we think is pretty awesome. There are electric guitars, basses and acoustics included in the 2023 Spot Run, and we’ve highlighted just a few of our favourites here to show ‘n’ tell today…


Ibanez AEWC32FM

First up is this lovely acoustic, the Ibanez AEWC32FM. Given that Ibanez are associated mainly with pointy metal axes and hollowbody jazz guitars, it’s worth noting that their acoustic guitars are also routinely top sellers. The brand’s attitude for bringing value and a little flash to every price point - not just the most expensive guitars - is well demonstrated here with this striking electro-acoustic.

The AEWC32FM is roughly a grand concert in shape, with a distinctive cutaway that immediately marks it as a modern guitar design. There are three ‘Sunset’ spot finishes available, as you can see, and each is a lovely fade on top of a slice of flame maple. Pretty? We’d say so! There’s a Fishman/Ibanez pickup system installed too, so it’s not just about good looks here: this guitar is ready to head to your next intimate acoustic gig with you!


Ibanez RGA42 HPTQM Blue Iceberg Graduation

Iceberg right ahead! The only thing Titanic about this guitar is the tone: with a set of DiMarzio Fusion Edge humbuckers in place, the Ibanez RGA42 HPTQM sounds more like a volcano!

It’s another lovely graduation/face finish over some choice figured maple again, only this time Ibanez have left some cool details like the clear bevelled sections on the horns, matching the natural finish back and contrasting nicely with the binding. What a handsome beast, and with a 15.75” fingerboard radius and 43mm nut, there’s an excellent wide, flat surface for all of your pyrotechnics, too!


Ibanez SR1600D/SR1605DW Autumn Sunset Sky

More finishes like this please! The Ibanez SR1600D (and its 5-string compadre, the SR1605DW) is a great example of how Ibanez make basses: modern, efficient, player-centric and undoubtedly good-looking. We’ve really fallen for that expressive Autumn Sunset Sky finish, but there’s much more goin on here than next-level looks!

Yes, this is a prime Ibanez SP bass and that means there’s a slim, playable neck that actively encourages fretboard acrobatics. There’s a set of high quality Aguilar active pickups installed for punchy, powerful tones, and an active 3-band EQ on board to help sculpt in the exact frequencies you want to work with. A mid frequency switch adds further versatility, making this bass a one-stop shop for pretty much any style you’ll face on your journey.

The top has a delicious slice of poplar burl too, and did we mention how much we liked that Autumn Sunset Sky finish?


Custom Colours on Affordable Guitars

As our choices today prove, the Spot Run finishes are well worth jumping on if you get the chance. Given that there are models included in the run that cost under £300, everyone can enjoy taking part in selecting their favourites: this is not only for top-end guitars!

These were our selections but there are many more Ibanez Spot run models available this year, so why not click the button below and check them all out?

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