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About Positive Grid Amps

Positive Grid Amps bring the world of Positive Grid's stunning amp and effect modelling to the live and home player. The Positive Grid Spark Amp and Spark Mini deliver all the portability of a practice amp, while being packed with features and technologies to turn this humble box into the amp of your dreams - whatever those dreams sound like.

Based around Positive Grid's Bias Tone Engine, the Spark series of amps bring you dozens of amp models and effects right out of the box, giving you access to a host of guitar sounds including realistic virtual tube amps, high gain sounds, and even settings to suit acoustic guitar. The wide array of effects include a host of modulation, drive, noise gate, delay and reverb options, all rendered easy to get to grips with thanks to the tone starter preset programs. Positive Grid guitar amps also give you incredible practice capabilities thanks to the smart jam feature and smart virtual band, letting you create and access fantastic backing tracks to practice and jam along with.

Sounds come courtesy of the pair of custom designed speakers, high fidelity power amp section, and innovative features like the tuned bass reflex port, giving you an unbelievably rich, broad spectrum sound from a deceptively small cabinet. Other features like the built in tuner and usb audio interface let you turn this amp into a one-stop computer recording solution too, while still being a mind blowing portable powerhouse of an amp.

Why Should I Choose a Positive Grid Amp?

  • Access to Positive Grid's stunning amp and effect modelling software away from your computer
  • Stunning audio quality
  • Highly portable and musician friendly
  • Outstanding reliability and performance

Frequently Asked Questions about Positive Grid Amps

Question: Who are Positive Grid?
Positive Grid are a team based in the USA who envisaged utilising the world of modern mobile device technology to drive the future of amp and effect controls for musicians.
Question: Are Positive Grid amps any good?
Yes they are! Positive Grid amps combine Positive Grid's breath-taking modelling software with a series of compact, portable amp solutions that deliver stunning audio quality to really bring your chosen Positive Grid patches and amp models to life.
Question: How many amps does the Spark amp have?
The Spark comes with 30 amp models built in, as well as a choice of 40 effects.
Question: How many watts is the Positive Grid Spark amp?
The Positive Grid Spark has a 40 Watt Class D power amp section, giving you plenty of high-fidelity power.
Question: What size are the speakers in the Positive Grid Spark?
The Positive Grid Spark sports two 4" Custom Designed speakers.