JHS Pedals Kodiak Tremolo

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JHS Pedals Kodiak Tremolo

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Manufacturer's ID: JHS KODIAK

What we say:

At A Glance:

The Kodiak is JHS Pedals' newest and most comprehensive Tremolo pedal, boasting as much range and depth of warble as you could ever need. The Kodiak is based around the circuits for some of the classic Vox and Black Face tremolo units, while the Mix control, onboard tap-tempo, 4 different envelope modes, sub-division options and external tempo control input ensure if you can go from subtle, to surf to space age and anywhere in between.

Features We Love:

Wave Modes

The 4 waveform options in the Kodiak give you an amazing breadth of options, from the classic sine wave, to the more abrasive square wave, the ramp up that gives you a strange, off kilter vibe, and then the Rhythmic mode which throws a whole range of warbles and textures into your sound.

Powerful Controls

The Mix knob controls the level of balance between the wet and dry signals, from fully clean to fully affected, giving you a range of depth and subtlety to your tremolo sound. The Volume tone is particularly useful here as by boosting your volume beyond unity, you cut out the perceived volume drop that comes with kicking on a tremolo effect!

Onboard/External Tempo

The Kodiak features an onboard tap tempo for perfectly synced tremolo effects, as well as a socket for connecting an external tap tempo button or expression pedal to control the time. Combined with the Ratio control, this gives you a vast array of time options to play with, going from languid and subtle to, frankly, buzzsaw fast!


  • Powerful, versatile Tremolo
  • Based on classic tremolo circuits with huge functionality
  • Covers any depth of tremolo effect you could desire

What's Included:

  • JHS Pedals Kodiak tremolo



The Kodiak has five simple controls: Volume, Speed, Mix, Ratio, and Wave. The Volume control enables you to set the overall volume however you like it, either dialed back, at unity, or boosted. A great feature of the Kodiak is that you can turn the Mix knob all the way down and use the Volume to boost your amp or other pedals, acting as a preamp or slightly driven boost. The Speed knob is a manual control for the speed of the tremolo, which you can also set with the on-board tap-tempo switch. The Mix knob controls how deep the tremolo is perceived, from fully clean to fully wet. The Ratio control gives you the ability to dial in faster speeds that are perfectly sync'd with the BPM of your tap. You can choose from quarter notes, eighth notes, "triplets," or sixteenth notes. The Wave control gives you four different wave variations to choose from: Sine, Rhythmic, Square, and Ramp. The Sine wave is a classic amp-like tremolo sound, the Rhythmic wave gives you an interesting rhythmic pattern that can be used in many different time-signatures for different effect, the Square wave gives you a more choppy trem sound, and the Ramp wave gives you a warbly type of sound. With all these options, sit down, grab a jar of honey, and spend lots of time with your new bear-friend to really get to know what he has to offer.


The Kodiak also features a Tap/Expression jack on the right side of the pedal. Plug in an external tap tempo or an expression pedal to control the speed of the tremolo. Select either TAP or EXP via the switch on the left side of the Kodiak.