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BOSS ML-2 Metal Core Distortion

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BOSS’s colourful stomp boxes are the most recognisable pedal range in existence. For over 40 years, guitarists from bedrooms to stadiums have put their boot down on a BOSS effect to transform their sound. Several models have passed into guitar legend and early examples can fetch extremely high prices. Happily, BOSS have maintained their stellar reputation for world-class effects in bomb-proof casing with their current range and have fended off the imitators for decades to remain the pre-eminent single pedal effects manufacturer in the business. If there’s an effect for guitar (or bass, vocals, keys…be creative!) then you can bet BOSS have a pedal of it in their range or even invented it outright! Every guitar player should get to experience the joy of selecting a pedal from BOSS’s exhaustive roster, plugging it in and unleashing their wildest sonic dreams.

The ML-2 Metal Core pedal is a blast furnace of super-heavy tone with low end that will shake your back teeth! It's an enormously distorted sound that emerges form this pedal, one that fans of more underground, industrial and grinding music will find appropriate.

Like most BOSS distortion pedals, this is a very simple unit to operate: with just four controls you can dial in everything from an antisocial snarl to a spewing, fire-breathing mosh-monster. Extended range guitars will particularly take to this breed of filth: regardless of the gain level, this pedal retains it's sharp attack. For huge sounding distortion, give ML-2 a try.


With its extreme gain, the ML-2 is the most potent and heavy distortion pedal ever created by BOSS. It easily delivers massive distortion and gain with heavy lows for playing Nu Metal, Grind Core, Industrial, Hard Core, or any genre that requires crushing sound. The ML-2’s ferocious and biting tone will complement and cut through any blast beats your rhythm section can create.
  • Ultra-heavy distortion with sharp-edged attack for crushing metal riffs
  • LOW control for heavy, low frequency sound a la 7-string guitar or dropped tuning
  • HIGH control for screaming, metallic tone
  • Road-tough BOSS metal construction