Boss Overdrive / Distortion Pedals

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About Boss Overdrive / Distortion Pedals

Boss overdrive pedals are among the company's best selling products. Between overdrive and distortion effects, Boss offer a large selection to make sure that your preferred flavour is catered for. From milder overdrive effects to bigger, grittier sounds and even the heaviest of sledgehammering high gain distortions, Boss have a sound that will almost certainly work for you.

Lots of players also like to use Boss overdrives to supplement their amp's distortion. Milder pedals such as the SD-2 Super Overdrive and the BD-2 Blues Driver are as celebrated for the extra layer of tone and texture they can add to an already crunchy amp as they are for the gain they produce in front of a clean amp.

Frequently Asked Questions about Boss Overdrive / Distortion Pedals

It's simply a matter of intensity. Distortion is a more extreme level of overdrive but they are both functioning in the same manner, i.e. they are overloading the input of the signal with 'too much' volume.
Try it! Seriously though, some great tones are created this way. Both pedals will 'clip' the signal in their own way, changing the texture of your sound. You will get more gain and sustain as a result too so do be careful with your gain levels!
Sticking strictly with overdrive and not venturing into the realm of distortion (in which case the DS-1 would be triumphant), the most popular Boss overdrives are easily the SD-1 Super Overdrive and the BD-2 Blues Driver. Both offer lots of things to lots of players and each has its own sound.