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About Laney Amps

Laney amps are the iconic brainchild of Lyndon Laney.

In 1967, Lyndon Laney was the bass player in a little-known Birmingham group ‘Band of Joy’. He then left the band to start making amps and his bandmates, Robert Plant and John Bonham went on to form Led Zeppelin. In very different ways, they all made an indelible mark on British rock music.

While one of his first big jobs was making a PA for his former bandmates, the reason we all know Laney Amps is through his collaboration with Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi. Together they created what we now know as heavy metal. Laney Amps were capable of creating more distortion that their fellow British rivals and became definitive of these early metal tones. In the 80s they were used by the likes of Randy Rhoads and Ace Frehly and in the 90s by Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani.

These days, they have a wide variety of models. These range from cheap solid-state amps ideal for beginners and home practise to arena-worthy valve combos and stacks. If you’re chasing the iconic heavy Laney tones, the Ironheart Series is a good place to start!

What Makes Laney Amps Different?

  • Vintage British amps
  • Wide range of models to take you from your bedroom to arenas
  • Perfect for heavy, sludgy tones
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Laney Amps

    Question: Which famous players use Laney amps?
    Laney Amps were most famously used by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Other famous players have included Randy Rhoads, Ace Frehly, Paul Gilbert and Joe Satriani.
    Question: Where are Laney amps made?
    The Laney Lionheart range is manufactured in the UK. All other models are designed in the UK but manufactured in China.