Roland LX Series

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About Roland LX Series Digital Pianos

Roland LX Series Digital Pianos are bound to meet your high expectations of new digital pianos, yet each Roland LX digital piano more than satisfies your desires, from an incredible sound library and speaker system to the Hybrid Grand Keyboard with ivory effect black keys and white keys and Progressive Damper Action pedals, all of which deliver an exceptionally realistic playing experience with some awesome features that entice you to play.

The Roland LX Series comes with an impressive sound library, with voices that include upright, grand and electric piano models, harpsichords, synthesizers and orchestral instruments, each generated by Roland's innovative blend of synthesis and sampling technology, that creates sounds so stunning you'll be blown away by the amount of detail each voice has. Plus one of the features that makes the LX an incredible instrument includes the Piano Designer, which lets you take each piano voice and manipulate its properties down to the finest detail to create the piano tone of your dreams, these controls include single note tuning, full scale string resonance control, pure acoustic ambience levels and haptic key vibration level, a level of control most digital pianos are unable to deliver.

Roland LX pianos not only sound great, they've been designed to look beautiful, whether it's in your home or on a stage, and with finishes that include charcoal black, polished black, light oak, dark rosewood and polished white, you're sure to find an LX digital piano that looks great in your space.

Roland also include the classic Roland Piano Masterpieces book with each LX, which features a selection of sheet music for iconic songs that let you enjoy the very best from your new piano and are ideal for solo playing and daily practice. In addition to this, each LX piano comes with a 10 year warranty, backing up the quality you can expect from a Roland instrument and insuring your investment will have a long lifespan.

If you're a musician looking for a digital piano that captures the essence of what makes an acoustic piano exciting to play, or simply looking for a piano to invest in and have around your family, it's hard to look past the quality and beauty that comes with a Roland LX Series Piano.

Why Should I Choose a Roland LX Series Digital Piano?

  • Plays just like an acoustic piano
  • Fine tune your sounds with the piano designer
  • Covered under Roland's 10 Year Warranty

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland LX Series

Question: What is the Roland LX Series?
Roland LX pianos take Roland's innovative digital piano technologies and packs them into an instrument that delivers an exceptionally realistic and natural playing experience.
Question: Is the Roland LX Series any good?
Yes, Roland LX Series digital pianos are among the finest on the market.
Question: Where are Roland LX digital pianos made?
Roland LX digital pianos are made in Roland factories in Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, and the United States.