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About Gordon Smith Guitars

Gordon Smith Guitars are a UK based handmade guitar brand. Based in Northamptonshire, Gordon Smith guitars have been producing high quality instruments since 1974. Many of Gordon Smith's guitar designs are based on famous 'Kalamazoo' models. Gordon Smith guitars are not only instantly distinctive, they are innovative. They boast features such as their own 'Volumax' circuit and a variety of spec and finishing choices.

All Gordon Smith guitars are hand-built to order, so everything we have in stock have been spec'd by us. The feel and sound are of incredibly high quality. Gordon Smith make their own pickups too. Everything is done in-house, lending Gordon Smith guitars a fantastic coherence.

Gordon Smith guitars are generally available at our Epsom, Edinburgh and Newcastle guitarguitar stores. Pay us a visit at these locations to try these hand-made British guitars for yourself! Browse our entire Gordon Smith stock online and order your favourite models direct from us!

Frequently Asked Questions about Gordon Smith Guitars

Gordon Smith guitars are played by Indie, Metal and Punk guitarists. They are popular with those who want a well made, reliable instruments. They offer something fresh and different. Musicians who support British artisans and independent companies will appreciate Gordon Smith guitars.
They make guitars with both styles, so it depends on the model you go for. Guitars like the GS and the Graduate have set necks whilst models such as the Graf have bolted on necks.
Gordon Smith use a variety of woods in the construction of their guitars. Mahogany is a popular choice for both bodies and necks. Poplar is also used, as is Maple.